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Simply Faulkner

Read an excerpt below:

Let’s begin by acknowledging that Simply Faulkner does not imply a simple Faulkner. The word “simply” runs the gamut of meanings—from “merely” or “only” to “really” or “completely.” This book aspires to the latter sense of “simply” by attempting to show in plain words why the works of this Nobel Prize-winning American novelist matter.


The cover of Simply Faulkner by Philip Weinstein

This book and others by Philip Weinstein are available for purchase on Amazon.


Editorial Reviews

"As Philip Weinstein suggests, there is no better way to begin than by plunging into the work of William Faulkner. But it's immensely useful to have at one's elbow a knowledgeable guide, and there is none better than Weinstein. He himself is a brilliant writer-clear, concrete, smart, suggestive-and this short book represents an ideal introduction to the major work of America's most important modern author. I would strongly recommend this book to anyone interested in Faulkner."

Jay Parini, author of One Matchless Time: A Life of William Faulkner and Empire of Self: A Life of Gore Vidal


"Philip Weinstein's newest book on William Faulkner o ers a rich, compact discussion of Faulkner's life and work that will engage both new readers and those who are familiar with the writing of the most important novelist of 20th century America. Clarity and penetrating insight are combined in Simply Faulkner to move through Faulkner's complexity in order to discern the specificities and magnitude of his achievement. This is a book for every reader of Faulkner's fiction."

Patrick O'Donnell, Professor of Twentieth and Twenty-First Century British and American Literature, Michigan State University


"Philip Weinstein's concise Faulkner biography is a wonder of compression and interpretation of the Mississippi writer's creative life. It demonstrates the fruits of the author's career-long devotion to insightful readings of Faulkner's works. Weinstein's well-deserved reputation as a scholar, critic, and excellent writer is manifest on every page."

Thomas McHaney, Kenneth M. England Professor of Southern Literature Emeritus, Georgia State University

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